Quality of Life


We strive to give you an authentic kRO feeling but we did decide on making a couple of changes / edits to improve quality of life.


We have added a feature so that when a monster drops loot, there will be a pillar of light, colour depends on the loot

We have added a global chat that everyone can opt in/out of with #global in the whisper field.

We have corrected the font size in-game by increasing it from 10 to 12.

We have added 25% more zoom for everyone.

We have increased the viewing distance to 17 cells up from 14 to match the increased zoom.

We have changed the ground targeting casting sprite to a more classy version.

Storage increased from 300 > 500 for all accounts (750 for VIP).

Cart carrying capacity increased from 100 > 200 for all accounts.

Personal carrying capacity increased from 100 > 200

Stat & Skill resetter is available in Prontera, free of charge below level 40, everyone gets 2 full resets for free and after this it's 10k zeny * baselevel per reset.

We use Global Instance Reset that resets everyone's

Daily Instance Cooldowns at Midnight


Weekly's on Tuesday Night's at Midnight

We Allow Dual Clients & Greyworld



@Autotrade - You may now keep merchants online without being online yourself by typing @autotrade

@Mobinfo - This command lets you check a monsters stats and drops by typing @Mobinfo and the monsters name / ID

@Whodrops - This command will show you all monsters who drop the item that you requested, such as @whodrops Jellopy will show all monsters that drop this item and at what chance.

@Iteminfo - This lets you get additional information about the Item

@Breakguild - Used to disband a guild

@Homstats - Check your Homunculi's Stats

@Hominfo - Check Homunculi's Information

@Time - Displays current server time / date / day & night cycles

@Exp - Displays your current Experience Rate

@Rates - Displays your current Experience & Drop Rates

@Join - Join a Channel of your choice

@Channel - Manage your in-game Channels



Shadow equipment drops from monsters around the world.

All pet taming items have a 10% Success chance

Battle Manuals from the iShop provide 100% increased base & job experience and now last 24 hours played time instead of real time and is a buff instead of an equipment.

Bubble Gum (+100% drop rate) has replaced Lucky Clips, they are also a buff instead of an equipmenti

Bloody Branches can now spawn all non-Instanced MVPs.

We are using the kRO refinement system.

Homunculus & Cute pet feeding system now gives you 10 points per feed up from 1.

All buff food weight 5.

All HD & HE / Enriched Ore can be obtained by trading with an NPC In-Game.

Refine Deeds can be obtained via In-game drops from MVP's. / Bought with Instance Points.

All 900+ Costumes can be obtained Via Fashion Coupons that drop from Old blue Box, Old Violet Box & Gift Box.




All skills can be spammed by holding down the buttons rather than having to repeatedly hit the button

if the skill does not have a cooldown.


Level 1 Teleport behaves like Flywings.